Adobe Creative Pursuit | Adobe Creative Pursuit | Student Competition
Adobe Creative Pursuit is a student competition - with a twist. You'll digitally race to collect as many points as you can and see your efforts rewarded.
Adobe, Creative, Pursuit, Student, Competition
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Do YOU have what it takes?


Adobe presents its first digital creative pursuit competition for students in Australia & New Zealand

From August 15 to October 15, Adobe is introducing a new way to demonstrate your ability and originality within a creative community. To the students who love to design and stretch their imagination beyond barriers, we are calling out!


Adobe Creative Pursuit is a student-driven competition — with a twist. You’ll digitally race to collect as many points as you can and see your efforts rewarded, if you have what it takes.


With 180 prizes available to win, join the pursuit with students from Australia and New Zealand, and digitally race to the top of the leaderboard.


You can earn points by creating innovative artworks, taking quizzes to enhance your skills with Adobe products, and completing surveys to share your opinions.


Simply select either the “Beginner” tier or the “Expert” tier, whichever suits your confidence and skill level. No matter what tertiary degree you are completing, Adobe Creative Pursuit is open to you.


Whether you’re a student who is a designer, artist, or hobbyist, you can build on your creative skills with the exclusive prizes available.


Special thanks to our partner, Microsoft, for their contribution of Surface prizes, including Surface Studio, Surface Book, and the newly released Surface Pro.


Expert Prizes:


Microsoft Surface Studio

Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro

Beginner Prizes:

Microsoft Surface Pro


12-Month Subscription


Microsoft Surface Book

Don’t miss out, join now!


Thinking of using Adobe to showcase your talents?

Check out the Adobe Creative Cloud education page here to find out how you can save 60% on Creative Cloud.


Click here to find out more about the Surface family of devices.